​Presenting at the 2014 Population Association of American (PAA) Annual Meeting, Boston MA

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Other Publications

Waite, Sean. 2016. “From the Law Firm to the Lecture Hall.” Sociology on the Rock. 14.

Waite, Sean. Fall 2015. “Feature interview.” Canadian Population Society. 40(2): 2-3.

Waite, Sean and Nicole Denier†. March 14, 2016. “There’s a wage hierarchy based on sexual orientation.” London School of Economics, Business Review.

Waite, Sean and Nicole Denier†. July 1, 2015. “How your sexual orientation can affect how much you earn” The London School of Economics and Political Science Daily Blog on American Politics and Policy.

Waite, Sean and Nicole Denier†. May 19, 2015. “Gay Pay for Straight Work” Gender & Society Blog.

​Professor Zoua Vang, McGill University, presenting me with the 2015 Canadian Population Society Best Student Paper Award in Ottawa Ontario.


Assistant Professor of Sociology at Western University

Under Review and Working Papers

Waite, Sean and Nicole Denier. Gay Pay in Canada: Sexual orientation and the Canadian labour market. Under Review with McGill-Queens University Press.

Denier, Nicole and Sean Waite. “Sexual orientation wage gaps across contexts: assessing the role of class, discrimination, and location.”

Waite, Sean. “Highly paid and highly unequal? The gender pay gap for female, doctors, lawyers, senior managers, engineers and architects”.

Smith, Michael, Sean Waite, and Claire Durand. “Occupational demand, cumulative disadvantage, and gender differences in the early career earnings of university graduates: Evidence from Canada’s National Graduate Survey.”